Sun beaming through the clouds

Irish mountain landscape in the snow with dramatic skies and crepuscular sun rays.

It was such a novelty to have snow for a few days. I preyed on this opportunity to take as many photos as possible. I have definitely broken a record with over a thousand photos in only 3 days...
It is a big problem of mine - I take too many photos. Then it takes me days to sort through them and at the end of it all, half of them tend to repeat themselves. My reason for taking so many is the fear of a messed up shot! How many times did I think I got a beautiful photo only to find it out of focus when transferred to the computer? Countless. 

Snow mountain landscape with dramatic clouds and sun rays.

Snow covered mountain side with sun glowing behind dark skies emitting sun rays.

It was amazing to watch this sunset. I've never seen one quite like it before. I looked at the sun and the moving clouds as they obscured and then revealed the plasma ball. The conditions were conducive to sun beams, or Crepuscular rays if you want to be fancy. I found it fascinating to watch. The clouds traveled fast across the sky as the sun rays put on a light show. It would have made a spectacular time lapse, if I used a tripod and took the photos from the same spot. I am still getting used to my tripod, even though I've had it for years. I tend to get frustrated with setting it up, then usually I abandon it altogether. 

Sun casting rays through dark clouds on wind turbines in the mountains.

View of a snow covered mountain through branches at sunset.

I cannot wait to trim the hedge to expose the view of Mount Hilary pictured above. Another thing to add to my never-ending to-do list. Life as we know it has been put on pause. Last week, on Tuesday the 10th Nala, our German Shepherd gave birth to 8 puppies. So far it has been an indescribable experience that will last a lifetime.  I am looking forward to doing a proper post on the puppies as they get bigger. For now, check out my previous dog posts here or my Instagram where I shared a photo of the puppies a few days ago. It's time for puppy cuddles for me.

Snowy mountains and forestry before the sunset in the Boggeragh Mountains in Co.Cork.

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