Portraits of buildings from Poznań

Castle with ivy climbing up its walls with pink roses in the foreground.

The first proper rest we got on our motorbike journey across Europe was in Poznań. We finally stayed somewhere longer than 12 hours (and that included sleep). Most of the time we would arrive at a place to sleep and eat, if we got lucky. After one horrific day of diversions and heavy traffic we arrived at a hotel to a closed restaurant. No shops in the area and only a bag of nuts to share in our luggage. 

A sun lit castle facade in Poznań, Poland.

Steps and entrance to the garden on castle grounds in Poznań.

Poznań is a city located on the Warta river in the centre-west of Poland. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in the country best known for its renaissance Old Town.
We relished the time we had to walk around with no particular aim. In reality we didn't get very far. We walked between two parks located at either ends of the same street. Luckily, we stayed in the city centre which is full of historical buildings.

An open gate into the garden and the Imperial Castle in Poznań.

A view of the Imperial Castle from Kościuszki Street in Poznań.

We stayed across the road from the Imperial Castle, which is why there are so many photos of it. The castle serves as one of Poznań's prime cultural and theatrical institutions. 
The centre of the colourful Old Market Square is home to the Town Hall dating back to the 13th century. One of Poznań's main tourist attractions occurs here every day at noon. It is a show of mechanical goats butting heads proceeded by a traditional bugle call.

A view of the Town Hall tower in Poznań Maret Square.

A view of the Poznań City Hall from Chopin Park.

Sunlight on tenement houses in the city of Poznań, Poland.

Sunlight on tenement houses and windows casting reflections.

Evening sunlight on a church tower behind buildings in Poznań.

Poznań surprised us. It is very spacious and we found it more relaxed than other big cities. We would go back again with more time to spare to visit all the historical places we didn't get to see. Before the trip I did some research on the places we would visit. It wasn't until we were on the road that I realised how challenging this journey would be. In the end, we didn't get to do any touristy things. All we wanted was food and sleep.

Here are the other places we visited during this trip: Amsterdam, Bruges, Marburg and driving through Germany

A red Chevrolet parked on the street in Poznań, Poland.

A view of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland from the Mickiewicz Park at night.

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