Garden in March

Daffodils pictured with forestry and mountains in the background.

It's about time I started documenting the garden. I have been wanting to do it for the longest time. There are so many photos I would like to organise into a coherent system. It is nice to look at photos sorted by date to reminisce, but it makes it impossible to find anything specific.

An opened crocus flower with a close up of the filaments.

The garden in March can still be a pretty dreary place. Daffodils and crocuses dominate the landscape as spring begins to show itself. This year spring seemed pushed back by what felt like a never ending winter. 

Hydrangea buds appearing on branches on a gravel background.

The hydrangea buds starting to open up on one of the plants in the garden. My closest neighbour has an entire hedge lined with beautiful blue big-headed flowers. One day I complimented her on them. Her reply was "Oh, them old things, I've been trying to kill them for years but they keep coming back".

Close up of two daffodil heads lit up with sun light.

Daffodils seem to flourish just about anywhere. Over the years they have doubled in numbers and they don't look so sparse anymore. Unfortunately for me, I will have to dig up most of them this year. This is due to some re-landscaping plans we have to put into action.

Crocuses growing in grass under a bush.

I took this picture when Nala was a puppy and she nibbled on these crocuses. I can't believe she is all grown up and a mommy now. She has been amazing, her instincts are strong and she is so patient. Steve is his adorable self and he takes a great interest in the puppies.

Yellow and white and orange daffodils in bunches.

The puppies turned two weeks old on Tuesday. On Saturday we noticed their eyes starting to open. They are getting strong and mobile, we can't wait to play with them. I think Nala and Steve feel the same way. Nala spends more and more time away from them, enjoying her usual routine.  

Sunlight shining brightly on crocus flowers in the grass.

It is hard to believe that such a delicate flower - the Crocus - can withstand harsh conditions like snow. Luckily these are in sunlight. We have had enough cold weather to last us a year. 

Close up of two daffodils facing into a sunset in the mountains.

Daffodils pictured at sunset. You can see the trees still look bare in the background. It will be another few weeks before we see any leaves appearing on them. 

Raspberry buds starting to produce leaves on canes.

The raspberry bushes are also coming to life. There is one thing I wish I knew before I planted raspberries. They invade a huge amount of space. Two years after I planted my two tiny bushes, it was disappointing to see almost no change in them. Little did I know of what was to come. They have taken over the area completely and come up between all the other plants in the vicinity. They should definitely put a warning on raspberries in garden centers. 

Purple Hyacinths pictured in the morning sunlight in a rockery.

Bulbs are a constant struggle for me. While daffodils seem to do very well, tulips and hyacinths reduce in quality over the years. I wish I knew what I could do to make them blossom like new. 

Close up of a daffodil head and a line of daffodils behind.

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