The Siberian front brings the heaviest snowfall in decades

Underneath snow covered pine trees inside a forest.

What a way to start March. The month that symbolises Spring in the Northern Hemisphere began as everything but. Instead of daffodils, we got snow.
It is not unusual for us to get snow here in the mountains of North Cork. Only recently I posted some photos of Zee Germans from one of the snow days this winter. But a little snow dusting is different to inches of snow that lasts for days.

Snow covered pine trees in an opening inside a forest.

Snow covered pine trees inside a forest in North Cork.

It started to snow late Thursday evening last week. By the time we went to bed like excited kids on Christmas Eve, the landscape was already under a blanket of snow. It didn't stop snowing for over 24 hours. On Friday we set off on an adventure up the mountain outside our house. We climbed over ditches and crawled into a snow covered forest. It was magical.

Snow on deciduous branches in a forest in North Cork.

Deciduous tree branches covered in snow in a forest.

Snow on trees inside a forest in the mountains of North Cork.

The dogs went bonkers over the snow, especially Steve who enjoyed it so much he refused to come into the house. I will have to do a separate post on their shenanigans. For now I hope you've enjoyed the snow covered trees. And I hope everyone in Ireland enjoyed their their time out in the snow!

To those of you that keep coming back here and to those of you that are new, which posts are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. I value your opinion and I'd love to get to know you.

Deciduous trees in a forest covered with snow in the mountains.

Pine branches in a forest in North Cork covered with snow during Storm Emma.

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