Sunrise somewhere between Bautzen and Marburg

Golden wheat field in Germany at sunrise with mountains in the distance.

Driving through Germany had it's pros and cons. The beautiful mountainous scenery was definitely one of the pros. One of the cons for sure, was the never-ending line of trucks travelling in a convoy as far as they eye could see. 
For anyone who's tuning in now, here are the other posts from this trip: Amsterdam and Bruges.

Close up of wheat stalks bending in the wind.

Sunrise over a mountain ranges and wheat fields in Germany.

On this particular morning, we stopped for breakfast off the Autobahn A4 and landed in a wheat field. After leaving the hotel hours before we were only too happy to take a longer break. The fantastic scenery and beautiful sunrise were a welcome bonus.

Wheat heads up close in a field in Germany.

An hour felt like 10 minutes and we were soon back on the road again. We wanted to make it to Marburg with enough time left to explore. Unlike Bautzen, where we arrived too late and were too tired to eat dinner.
That's why I've almost no pictures from Bautzen. I am putting together a post on Marburg though. Hope you like these travel posts and are looking forward to the next installment.

Sunrise over a green and gold grass field in Germany.

German landscape of golden wheat fields and mountains at sunrise.

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