Medieval Buildings of Bruges

Ancient red brick buildings behind trees in Bruges, Belgium.

Bruges is part of our European trip from last year. Earlier I did a post on Amsterdam. We came to Bruges on our way back and it was our second last stop. Our stay here was so brief we hardly got a chance to see anything. 

Medieval buildings on a canal in Brugee, Belgium.

Red brick buildings in Bruges taken under a maple tree.

The drive into Bruges, despite the diversions, was one of our most memorable trips. The roads we travelled were even narrower than the roads in Ireland. Surprised by the picturesque surroundings we couldn't wait to get to the city. By the time we crossed the town gates, we were eager to explore the area in the short time we had.

View of the Belfry of Bruges tower from behind other medieval buildings.

Red brick buildings along a canal in Bruges with maple trees in the foreground.

Unfortunately our enthusiasm got the better of us. Exhausted from travelling on a motorbike all day we managed to get out for dinner. On our waddle back to the hotel I took these photos. They are a constant tease and reminder to go back. 

View from a window in Bruges overlooking beautiful buildings in the city centre.

Blue windows in a red brick building with pink and red flowers decorating the balcony in Bruges.

Even with the limited time we had in Bruges, it was one of our favourite destinations from the trip. History seeps out of this charismatic city. On every corner there are Gothic red brick buildings and quaint cobble lanes. Church spires, towers and canals embellish this photogenic town. Bruges makes you feel like you're in a fairytale. 

St. Anna's Church spire showing behind buildings in Bruges, Belgium.

The St.Salvator Cathedral in Bruges showing behind other medieval buildings.

Window view overlooking a red brick wall of a house in Bruges with a curtain net in the foreground.

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