German Shepherds Galavanting in the Snow

German Shepherd sitting behind a hedge in the snow looking at the camera.

It has been quite some time since I've written a dog post. The last time was three years ago when these guys went crazy in the snow. As it's still winter, I decided to share more photos of Steve and Nala in the snow. We all went on a photographic expedition a few weeks ago that resulted in me getting sick. 

A German Shepherd's head looking straight at the camera with snow on the nose.

This is Nala. She is now four years old and her snout is starting to turn grey. Nala is still as nuts as she ever was. Her personality comes through on a daily basis. Even when she's bold, she manages to be so cute about it you could never be mad.

German Shepherd looking down at the camera in the snow with a gorse bush to the left.

A German Shepherd female looking at the camera surrounded by snowy branches.

A German Shepherd climbing up a hill in a mountain valley in the snow.

And this is Steve. He is getting older, 5 years Nala's senior, but forever a big baby. Steve is turning out to be a great singer and he likes to serenade us for his favourite treats - biscuits. He even does a little dance to compliment his theatrical skills. 

German Shepherd from behind looking ahead with his ears up in a woodland.

A German Shepherd male dog looking at the camera from behind tree branches in the snow.

They love to come with me to take photos. These days when I pick up the camera they get hyper. Nala starts to chase her own tail and then Steve chases Nala. They like to be involved in everything. It can be a bit of a commotion and there's always the risk of knocking over the tripod. 

A female and male German shepherd facing each other and playing in the snow on a mountain.

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