The Burren - Rocky Irish Landscape

Landscape of the Burren area in Co.Clare on a sunny, blue sky day with clouds.

A range of Burren Mountains in Co.Clare on a sunny day with clouds.

The Burren is a region in the north-west County Clare. This area filled with geological and natural wonders includes over 300km² of limestone plateau. The Burren from the Irish word "Bhoireann" means "a rocky/stony place".
The climate is more temperate than usual for the West coast of Ireland. It has one of the longest growing seasons in the British Isles. This has allowed for a varied ecosystem to thrive here.  You can find Mediterranean, arctic and alpine plants growing side by side. 

Shadows on the Burren landscape cast by clouds on a sunny day.

Green fields in the Burren on a sunny day in Co.Clare.

While the Burren is 1% of all land mass in Ireland, 75% of all native Irish species flourish here. This landscape is home to more than 700 different flowering plants.  Many rare Irish species that grow here are only found in this area. It is astonishing how diverse the island of Ireland is.

Sunlight on a hill of green fields in the Burren, Co.Clare.

Karst Mountain side in the Burren, Co.Clare.

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