Rossbeigh Beach - The Jewel in the Ring of Kerry

Clouds over the Curra Hill from Rossbeigh Beach, Co.Kerry.

I captured these photographs back in 2013, on my second drive around the Ring of Kerry. Glenbeigh was our first stop along the journey. It lies on the Iveragh peninsula in the South-West of Ireland.

Crack in the Curra Hill, with the beach and the Atlantic ocean in the foreground.

Mountain ranges surround Rossbeigh beach as it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. On a sunny day you can see the cracks and details of the mountainside. No doubt, this spot deserves the title of  "The Jewel in the Ring of Kerry".

Light shining through the clouds on the Curra Hill at Rossbeigh Beach, Co.Kerry.

The Curra Hill makes the Rossbeigh beach feel tucked in. Don't let that cozy aspect fool you. Despite it being a summer's day,  the cold wind made it feel like winter.

Dunnes and mountains at Rossbeigh beach on the Ring of Kerry.

There are dunes to the back of the beach. Some of the nooks and crevices can provide a little bit of shelter on a windy day. Smooth sandstone rocks decorate the beach. They glisten in the sunlight as the waves wash over them.

Dingle Mountains taken from Rossbeigh beach with the Atlantic ocean in between.

Facing in the northern direction, this scenic beach has a view of the Dingle Mountains. On a bright sunny day you would definitely see more than grey-blue silhouettes of them.

In the end, the threatening rain and the stinging wind chased me away to a nice warm pub for dinner. Looking at these pictures again makes me want to go back. I'm sure the sunset from this beach would be most spectacular.

Sandstone rocks in the foreground with a view of the Atlantic ocean from Rossbeigh Beach.

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