Frost covered flowers and other plants

Frost covered red rose on a stem with bokeh behind it.

Roses are the most impressive of all the featured plants here. They are the only plant with flowers in bloom this time of year. Roses are ferocious. Not because of their hardiness alone, but also their need for blood. They might be vampires. That's why I never prune them, they are telling me to leave them alone.

Marjoram flower heads covered with frost.

Close up of frost covered Coreopsis flower heads.

I've been meaning to prune the plants in my garden all winter long. I was rather glad I didn't. The dead flower heads of different shapes and sizes add an interesting feature to the garden. Pictured above are Marjoram and Tickseed plants. 

In the foreground there are frost covered leaves and in the background a sunny mountainside.

Close up photo of frost covered grass taken at ground level.

Frost adds a certain kind of magic to the natural world. Only a fraction of the days in the year are frosty in Ireland. The infrequency of such days makes them more special. 

Frost covered brown maple tree leaf lying on the ground.

A close up image of frost covered azalea leaves.

On our recent walk with the dogs I took a closer look at the water frozen in the puddle holes. I discovered some interesting and intricate details that formed on the ice. Mother Nature is the ultimate artist. 

Frozen water from a puddle in the forestry.

Macro photo of ice crystals on a hawthorn leaf.

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