Frequent gatherings of clouds over the mountains in January

Landscape photo of a mountain in the sun with dark blue clouds overhead.

January has come and gone and I'm left behind with hundreds of photos of clouds. The weather throughout the month, as cold as it was, brought along some of the biggest and fluffiest clouds I've ever seen. I felt obliged to capture as many of them as I could. So with my fingers frozen solid around my camera, I would watch the sky for hours. Then remember to actually press the shutter. 

Big clouds over the forest on top of the mountain at sunset.

Blue sky with fluffy clouds taken from the top of a hillside.

I took most of these photographs from one of my favourite spots. It's located at the top of a hill where a coniferous forest begins. The view from here overlooks the valley from east to west. The scenery is ancient and almost untouched, no doubt it looked exactly the same 100 years ago. Well, minus the wind turbine farm that can you can see down the valley in the westerly direction.

A giant heart shaped cloud over a conifer forest on top of a mountain.

Sometimes when I take photos of sunsets, I completely forget to look behind me. That was the case with the giant heart shaped cloud above. I get so focused on settings and making sure I get the shot I want, I almost forget to enjoy the moment. Thankfully January was filled with cloudy days. Nice cloudy days with blue skies, not the grey kind where it feels like it will rain any minute. Of course we had those too, it is Ireland after all.

Sunset clouds taken at the windmill farm in North Cork, Ireland.

End of a sunset over a hillside with big navy dramatic clouds.

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