Fota Gardens - Flora in July

A Wisteria plant growing on a stone wall in Fota Gardens.

Two open delicate rose flowers hanging off a branch with leaves.

Fota Island is a calm and enchanting place, only 20 minutes drive from Cork City. There island has much to offer. From the Resort to the historical House and Gardens to Ireland's only Wildlife Park. My favourite parts of the Island are the Fota House and Gardens.

Mossy tree branch with leaves growing out of it in Fota Gardens.

Tall flower stalk filled with small yellow flowers in Fota Gardens.

The gardens on Fota Island are unique because of the micro climate shaped by the Gulf Stream. The word Fota translated from the Irish "Fód te" means warm soil. The vast variety of plants that thrive here is astounding. Many of them wouldn't survive anywhere else in Ireland.

Close up of a field of daisies and grass in Fota Gardens.

Window of the Orangery in the Fota Gardens with a climbing plant surrounding it.

The exotic species that grow here arrived from all over of the world. It's impressive to think that plants from North America, Chile and Asia all grow on an Island in Cork Harbour. The assortment of plants ranges from America's Sequoias to Tasmanian tree ferns.

Masses of tiny pink flowers on a plant in Fota Gardens.

Close up of leaves of an Acacia tree in Fota Gardens, Co.Cork.

Many pink roses from the gardens on the ground of the Fota House.

In the walled garden there is a large collection of roses as well as other flower varieties. The Orangery on the grounds is the most spectacular greenhouse you will ever see.

Green leaves lit up by the sunlight in Fota Gardens, Co.Cork.

This spot is a must for any plant lover. Make sure you get fed in the Fota House before you venture into the enormous gardens. I for one can't wait to go back to learn all the plant names I've forgotten.

Close up of a Hydrangea flower head in the Fota Gardens.

An exotic plant from the Fota Gardens, Co.Cork.

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