Shepherds and Snowballs Soaring the Skies

Two German Shepherds jumping and a snowball in mid air between them.

Baking summer desserts did not encourage the spring like I had hoped, but affirmation and surplus cake are never a bad thing. Mother Nature was having none of it, instead she gave us one last winter thrashing. The aftermath can be beautiful this time of year, the warm spring sun winning the battle against the recently revered snow.

Two German Shepherds playing in the snow.

The shaded areas still had snow deep enough to build a snowman. These two are rubbish at building snowmen but they love to fly. Cabin fever set in over the last few days and they can't contain themselves. It's at moments like this while throwing snowballs with frozen hands, that you could accidentally loose the car keys or mobile phone into the waiting jaws of a stir crazy dog.

German Shepherds jumping for a snowball.

German Shepherd sniffing the snow.

German Shepherd dog jumping to catch a snowball.

Not today thankfully. It's easy to tell from the photos that Nala is bananas. It's her first year of snow so it's to be expected and it's adorable to witness. Steve appears more graceful, measured and accurate but don't let that fool you, too much surplus cake perhaps. Nala's style is more exuberant to say the least, despite her gentle, good nature and blissful behavior, just beneath the surface lies a stone cold nutcase.

Collage of photos of German Shepherds in the winter playing games.

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