Making rustic wooden boards

View of a woodworking bench with shavings and a wood plane.

Today I'm coming to you with a project I started a couple weeks ago. The first spring sunshine had made an appearance and drove me from the house to the garden. On my venture I found a slice from a maple stump and whimsically decided to turn it into a serving/chopping board.

Close up of a wood plane with wood shavings on a bench.

I launched into it and started to plane the slice to create a leveled, smooth surface. Some time after, I realised the woodworm has eaten right through the slice in a few places. I decided to cut it in half to avoid most of the woodworm damage.

A piece of wood clamped down to be sawn in half.

The photos below show the piece I chose to work with (from the front and the back). You can see how rough the surface is from the chainsaw.

A piece of wood back and front before being planed.

It's still fuzzy, but look how much smoother the surface is after planing. I removed some woodworm damage at the top and shaped the edges.

Front and back of a piece of wood after planing.

To get a nice smooth finish sanding will be required. Followed by a coat of oil to bring the detail of the wood out. Every time I begin a new project, it gets put on hold and replaced with another. I like to work by letting every day flow naturally. Most things end up finished, in their own time.

A wood plane on a board that is being prepared for sanding and finishing.

Close up of wood shavings on a wood working bench.

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