New puppy joins the gang

German Shepherd puppy sitting in the grass.

Hello again after a very long break. Blogging doesn't seem to come easy to me. Or maybe it's just life throwing changes left right and center. Enough with the excuses already, just do it. Easier said than done most of the time. I hope that my new attitude will help me push on and I will get into the swing of writing.

Last year a German Shepherd puppy joined the gang. Only 6 weeks old and utterly fearless. She exploded into our lives like a little firework, she was a real handful. The nutter of the litter for sure and despite our best efforts to pick a calmer pup, she was having none of it. We still have to keep an eye on her as she could just disappear on one of her adventures without notice.

Her official name is Nala, but like the other animals she has acquired many other names. Too many to list but to name a few: Nana, Noola... When in trouble her name is Noola Boola in trouboola. This probably happens more often than we would like. She is simply unstoppable and loves doing her own thing. However, there are moments like the one captured above where she sits and ponders her natural surroundings.

Collage of photos of a German Shepherd puppy and her new friend Sassy cat.

Watching a puppy grow up is fascinating. They change in the blink of an eye. These pictures were taken about a month later. Her ears stood up quickly and her blonde colouring is starting to come out. In the second picture you can see she has been rooting around somewhere, the nose always gives it away.

Nala and Sassy have become great buddies. This came as a surprise. A crazy wired puppy and a reserved tiger of a cat! How could they ever find common ground? Thanks to Nala's curious impatience Sassy eventually gave in. Now they cuddle by the fire and Sassy even lets Nala lick her head. The German persistence paid off, she made Sassy be friends and all is well with the world.

German Shepherd puppy sitting on a black Labrador it the sun on gravel.

Judy is a great mommy to Nala and she teaches her all the tricks. In this picture though, Judy is not impressed with Nala for using her as a bed. It looks like she's asking me to kindly do something about this situation. I can understand the appeal however, Judy has been lying in the sun for hours. How could a puppy resist such a tempting spot.

German Shepherd dog and puppy standing in the river getting splashed.

Steve has become a much better swimmer and he's teaching Nala about the water these days. She barks at him a lot when he's in the river and she'll only dip her toes in. It will take her some time to get used to it. I remember when he was reluctant to go in the water. Now Steve's a total show off in front of Nala.

Collage of two photos of a German Shepherd sniffing the air in the mist.

Nala is now one year old and is an adorable, affectionate creature that is full of happy energy. Her everlasting positive and funny attitude makes us laugh everyday. As I am writing this at the kitchen table looking out the window, there she is. Looking right back at me in the window, front paws up on the window sill and a face saying "I have a stick here if you want to play".

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  1. Brilliant gang! I love your writing, welcome back.

    1. Thanks Magda :) I hope things are well with you and your cats.


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