Eerie nature in the forest

This photo is taken from the inside of the forest looking out through the branches into the fog.

Dreamy drizzle, opaque fog, deep green mosses, fungi logs.
Silvery spiders in diamond spun webs.
The silence of creatures asleep in their beds.

Fungi and moss growing on tree branches inside a forest with bokeh.

Mushrooms growing on a tree log in an Irish forest.

Ireland's cold and damp climate has created the most spectacular woodlands. The deeper you venture into the forest the more magical it gets.

A triangular spider web hanging on a conifer tree in a forest.

Small spider in a web attached to a conifer tree.

The silence is the most surreal aspect of this place. Then there's the ever watchful darkness, relentless and hounding, verses the openings of light, straight clean liberating light.     

Moss hanging of conifer tree branches in Irish woodlands.

Conifer branches covered in water droplets in the fog in a forest.

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