Chasing windmills

Landscape photo of the Boggeragh Mountains Windturbine farm in Co.Cork.

Today I am giving my busy little oven a break. The Sun has reappeared after months of winter and everything looks so beautiful. Don't let that fool you though, it's still bitterly cold.

The dogs and I have made for the hills. The late winter colours and cloud patterns can be staggering up here. The tilt of the Earth, the time of the year, the rolling hills all conspire together to produce some very dramatic skies.

Landscape photo of a windmill at sunset with clouds.

The shepherds' ears are pointing up, listening out for the rabbits nearby. They stumble in and out of puddles letting all the creatures know we're approaching.

Lots of sniffing, digging and running but no rabbits. These guys actually have no clue about hunting and wouldn't know what to do if they caught something (deaf and blind rabbit perhaps). Time to go now, last light, my favorite of the day.

Sunset with dramatic clouds set against a wind farm in the Boggeragh Mountains, Ireland.

Cumulus clouds at sunset set against windmills and forestry in Ireland.

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