Plum Picking Adventures

Washed plums in a plastic bowl on dark grey slate.

The plum tree in our garden provides bucket loads of fruit every year without fail. While the apple trees seem to be struggling with producing flowers in the first place, the plum tree presents the most abundant yields. 

Sassy has started to come out of her shell and she is everywhere. Or here and there and everywhere. At once. She likes to accompany me when I'm in the garden. Today when I picked plums, she observed from the inside... of the tree.

White and brindle cat after climbing into a plum tree.

While Steve watched her under the tree. Probably hoping she'd come down soon so he can give her a chase. Despite the typical cat-dog chases, Sassy is getting used to her new family and is spending more and more time with us. I think the animals will grow even closer by the fire as the winter days approach.

German Shepherd under a plum tree watching a cat.Unfortunately poor Blinky has passed away since. He had breathing and sight problems. Even though his spirit was strong, his fragile body couldn't keep up. I found it tremendously emotional to watch him die and not be able to save him. We eased his suffering as much as we could. In the end, he passed away while I cuddled him on my lap.

Now to end on a happier note, here are two more pictures of Sassy and Steve. They had a nice adventure together and seem unfazed by the recent events. Life goes on and the animals are really good at showing us it's all about today.

Photo of a white and brindle cat climbing down a plum tree.

German Shepherd looking at the camera under a plum tree.

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  1. Happy Easter Kama! I hope you and your pets are all healthy and happy.


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