How it all began

Here I am at the beginning of my journey. I have left the big city life behind me and moved to the countryside. I have always been drawn to the crisp air and the peace of such environments. It provides the opportunity to grow tasty and beautiful plants. I have learnt so much about nature already and I'm looking forward to gaining new skills.

This blog will document my adventures in transforming my garden into and edible and colourful wonderland. I hope to share my culinary successes and the nature photos I take along the way.

So let me make some introductions.

35mm portrait a german shepherd surrounded by greenery staring right into the camera.

Steve may have the biggest jaw in the household, but he is the most gentle and lovable giant. He is a 4 year old German Shepherd but still a big baby at times. He has an acquired taste for biscuits (and not those of the dog type). If he doesn't get biscuits after his dinner, at night he will obscure your view of the TV and perform the "sit-paw-down" mantra.

35 mm photo of a German Shepherd standing on a mossy rock by the river.

Sticks are his other favourites and he turns them into wood chips within seconds. He is still learning to embrace the water and needs some encouragement to get in.

Photo of a black Labrador with her tongue hanging out.
Judy is a sweet old lady who never lets a bad culinary experiment go to waste. She is 10 years Steve's senior, a black Labrador with an appetite for everything. Judy loves water so much, she probably dreams of being a fish. She is a fabulous swimmer - whether she's in the ocean or in the river. Once she goes in, she never comes out. After her recent paw injury, Judy spends her days in the back of a van with her own duvet. Her head will appear in the door a few times a day to say hello and make sure we're not eating behind her back. 

Two kittens on a stone wall.

Aw look at the kittens. The newest additions to our lot who quickly settled in and started taking over after our previous cats unfortunately passed away. They are also enjoying their adaptation from the city to the countryside. They are both about a year old.

Image of a black, brown and white cat that has jumped on a mossy, stone wall.

Sassy is a savage hunter. Every morning we are welcomed by a collection of dead creatures outside the front door. Most of her days are spent doing cat stuff alone and away from the rest of the gang. Her curiosity gets the better of her at times and you will see her observing the on-goings from a distance. Sassy still enjoys affection and will seek your company at some point every day.

Black and white cat lying on stones in the sun taking a nap.

Blinky is not so cat-like in his ways. A rebel at heart with the uttermost persistence. He, like Judy is a food lover who stays on top of all the crumbs. Blinky has impaired vision, but it does not stop him from enjoying life. He spends most of his days at Steve's side or catching some sun rays on the hot stones. Blinky has a bulldog-like walk and with his black and white coat he reminded us of a Russian sailor. We like to call him Blinkovic Chomovski.

Finally a human! This is me -Kama. I am the beginner gardener and cook who will record her trials and tribulations. I am also the photographer on the scene, except in some cases, like this photograph. Those are taken by the sturdy hand of the man of the house. He will be known henceforth as the Nocturnal Musical Phantom. He is a constant source of inspiration and comes in daily comedy doses.

Looking forward to sharing my nature photos and recipes.

Until next time.

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  1. Hi Kama,
    All the best for your journey. I love your companions, can I hug them? They look very huggable and I can bring cookies for Steve.
    Our Mutu has a bulldog-like walk as well, both himself and Blinky must have some ancestors like British Shorthair cats, as apparently are called "bulldog of cats"

    1. Hi Magda, thanks so much for stopping by. If you ever do make it to Kerry, bring some of those cookies and you shall be rewarded with fluffy love :-)


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